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Resumption of the publication of the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Resumption of the publication of the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats SL) has been working to correct the treatment of prices for several items in the CPI for Sierra Leone. These included revisions for midwifery services and mobile phone charges.

Separately, Stats SL sought advice from the IMF Statistics Department (STA) regarding the treatment of public secondary school fees following their abolition in September 2018, necessitating a revision to the published series from that point.

In line with accepted international practice, STA proposed that the abolition of these school fees should be recorded in September 2018, and their expenditure shares redistributed across the remaining education items in the CPI basket from October 2018 onwards.

More broadly, STA is continuing to assist Stats SL to update the CPI expenditure weights and item basket using the results of the 2018 Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey to ensure the CPI is representative of current expenditure patterns.

It is expected that this wider update of the CPI will be introduced in the first half of 2020.

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3rd October 2019

Statistician General & Management

Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats SL)

Tower Hill, Freetown

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