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The new resident representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Sierra Leone, Monique Newiak, met with Statistics Sierra Leone new management to familiarize and establish possible areas of cooperation for both institutions. Welcoming the new resident representative to Stats SL, the Statistician General, Prof Mallam O. Sankoh, expressed gratitude that she thought about collaboration between the two institutions barely two weeks into her stay in Sierra Leone which is a show of confidence in the work of Statistics. He emphasized that there is a new wave of development at Statistics which has led to putting in place of a new management team geared towards rebranding the image of Statistics in its quest to produce credible data for national development and that is in fact why, 4 new directorates namely, the Directorate of National Statistics Systems, the Directorate of Operations, the Directorate of Internal Audit and Compliance and the Directorate of Communications and Public Relations have been added, to further enhance and strengthen the work of Stats SL. He delved on his WINNER vision, key amongst which is his desire to make Statistics be widely known for producing credible data for national development in addition to the use of E-technologies to be more Effective in data production.

The New Deputy Statistician General, Andrew Johnny, reiterated the energy and commitment of the new team and that he will do all he can to support the Statistician General, in his quest to establish a viable and credible Stats SL, that will be overly attractive to partners, including the IMF.

In her response, the Country Representative expressed satisfaction at the strides taken so far whilst adding that she is committed to working with statistics Sierra Leone and that it is a dream to work in Sierra Leone. She said that she will be pleased to see that Statistics’ level and data quality grow by the end of her 3-year tenure in Sierra Leone. She requested that possible areas of improvement be identified and that she will coordinate and convey the message of Statistics not only to her organization for support, but to different partners so that they can chip in with the necessary support where necessary and offered her organization’s unflinching support to fixing any gap so that the organization can better function.

 The New Director of the National Account and Economic Statistics Division, Mwaluma Gegbe, informed the IMF country Rep that his team is already relentless working on making his division more viable especially with regards rebasing whilst the Director Of Communications and Public Relations, Samuel Ansumana, stressed that his team wants to raise the institutional profile via vibrant public relations but hinted that it can only be possible through support of  partners especially considering the fact that this is the first time that Statistics is having a directorate for communications .Similarly, the new Director of Census and GIS, Abdulai Brima, said that he has seen marked commitment from his team to work and change the narrative which will in turn change the institution but that this can only be achieved through the collective efforts of all, whilst the new Director of  operations, Albert Bangura-Will, said he is looking forward to working with all the divisions as his work will have to border on all divisions and urged cooperation. The new head of Price Statistics, Isata Kekura, also emphasized the need to partner with the IMF so that organizational goals can be realised.