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The Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey (SLIHS) 2018 is the third income and expenditure (household budget) survey conducted by Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats SL); the first SLIHS was conducted in 2003/04 in order to collect information about the living standards of all segments of the population. This second survey conducted in 2011, served as the basis for setting development priorities as contained in the poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSPs), which served as medium term development plans for the country.



The SLIHS national committee is a body created by Stats SL to supervise the conduct of the SLIHS 2018 survey. It comprises Stats SL, Development Partners and MDA officials. The Committee is chaired by the Statistician General. The role of the Technical Committee includes:

  • Drafting SLIHS questionnaires using 2011 SLIHS questionnaires;
  • Revising SLIHS questionnaires providing sector-specific inputs;
  • Pre-testing and finalizing questionnaires;
  • Advise on the survey period and enumerator workload;
  • Provide technical inputs in the design of the data entry program;
  • Provide technical inputs and serve as trainers in the training of supervisors and enumerations;
  • Provide technical inputs in the training of data entry operators;
  • Take part in the monitoring of the field data collection on a monthly basis;
  • Assist in the deployment of field staff from month-to-month;
  • Take part in advocacy and publicity meetings for the SLIHS;
  • Take part in the data analysis and report writing and dissemination and;
  • Advise the SG and or the National Coordinator on any technical issues relating to the conduct of the survey


 >    2018 Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey (SLIHS) Technical Committee Members                                

>    SLIHS Midterm Review Meetings in Kenema, Bo and Makeni (September 10-15, 2018)