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CPI June, 2024 = 31.93% Y/Y | GDP Growth 2023 = 5.7%....Level of GDP Rebased 56.4% in 2018 | Population (2021 Mid-Term Census) = 7,548,702 (Male = 3,727,747 (49%) Female = 3,820,955 (50.6%) | PPI 2022 - Q2 =20.33% Y/Y | PHC Projection 2022 (Medium Variant) = 8,494,260 | Population (National - 2015 Census) = 7,092,113

The Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey (SLIHS) 2018 is the third income and expenditure (household budget) survey conducted by Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats SL); the first SLIHS was conducted in 2003/04 in order to collect information about the living standards of all segments of the population. This second survey conducted in 2011, served as the basis for setting development priorities as contained in the poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSPs), which served as medium term development plans for the country.


  1. SLIHS2018_P [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_P [csv]

Dataset Organization
The questionnaire for the 2018 is divided into 5 books:

Book 1: Household Member Characteristics

  • Section A: Household Roster                                 
  • Section B: General Education                                
  • Section C: Alternative Education and ICT              
  • Section D: General Health and Disability               
  • Section E: Child Preventative Health                  
  • Section F: Women's Reproductive Health
  • Section G: Health Knowledge, Behaviors and Attitudes
  • Section H: Employment and Time Use - 7 Days
  • Section I: Employment and Time Use - 12 Months
  • Section J: Migration

 Book 2: Household Characteristics

  • Section K: Housing Section L: Durable Goods
  • Section M: Social Assistance and Subjective Wellbeing
  • Section N: Non-Food Consumption (Infrequently Purchased Items)
  • Section O: Financial Services
  • Section P: Non-Farm Enterprises

 Book 3: Agriculture

  • Section R: Agricultural Assets                      
  • Section S: Annual Crops                              
  • Section T: Permanent Crops                      
  • Section U: Forestry Activities
  • Section V: Fishing 
  • Section W: Livestock

Book 4: Consumption

  • Section X: Food Consumption
  • Section Y: Non-Food Consumption (Frequently Purchased Items)

[Book 4A: secs X and Y for the first 10 days and sec Z; Book 4B: X and Y for days 11 to 20] Section Z: Bulk Purchases 

The different sections / questions are mapped into the different datasets as shown on the next page.

All datasets contain:

  • ID variables (_cluster, _hhno and a third (and fourth) id if needed such as _ind or _line).
  • Variables for survey data analysis: _cluster (psu), _stratum and _pweight
  • Serial numbers of the questionnaire books from which they take data.
  • In general, variables whose names start with an underscore are administrative variables.
  • Other variable name correspond directly to the section and question number on the questionnaire: b2 is    section B, question 2. Multipart questions (first, second and third reasons etc) and usually postfixed a, b, c etc (for example, d4a, d4b, d4c). When the "other" option was answered for a question, the text given to specify is the variable with the postfix _other (for example, d4a_other).

Datasets can be merged using the variable _cluster and _hhno (or just _cluster if merging with slihs2018_cluster.dta).

Other information

+    Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey (SLIHS) Report 2018 

                         +    Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey 2018 Tools

+    Sample Design, Field Procedures and Quality Control

+    Guidelines for Using the Data

+    Collaboration with the MICS

+    Dataset Organization

  1. SLIHS2018_Q [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_Q [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_R1 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_R1 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_IND [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_IND [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_R9 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_R9 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_K42 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_K42 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_S [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_S [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_L [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_L [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_T [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_T [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_M2 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_M2 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_U [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_U [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_M21 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_M21 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_V30 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_V30 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_M24 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_M24 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_V9 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_V9 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_N [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_N [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_W [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_W [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_O [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_O [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_X [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_X [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_O49 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_O49 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_Y [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_Y [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_O52 [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_O52 [csv]
  1. SLIHS2018_Z [stata]
  2. SLIHS2018_Z [csv]


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