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CPI January, 2023 = 38.48% Y/Y | Population (2021 Mid-Term Census) = 7,548,702 (Male = 3,727,747 (49%) Female = 3,820,955 (50.6%)) | GDP Growth 2021 = 4.0% | PPI 2018 - Q1 =33.90% Y/Y | PHC Projection 2022 (Medium Variant) = 8,494,260 | Population (National - 2015 Census) = 7,092,113

Hassan Conteh 2

Hassan Alfred Conteh is the current Administrative Officer for the Comprehensive Health and Epidemiological Surveillance System (CHESS) in Sierra Leone. He assists the Team Lead in all administrative matters related to the implementation of the CHESS project. Hassan is an educationist and a development scholar. He holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Rural Development Studies, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Development/Economics from Njala University; and a Higher Teachers Certificate (HTC) in Human Sciences from the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) now known as the Milton Margai Technical University (MMTU). Besides, Hassan is a certified user of the Internet and Core computing by the Silicon Pro. Technical Education Institute, and he holds an IC3 in that.

Just after his secondary education, from YSS (Yoni Bana Secondary School) in 1993, Hassan enrolled at the OIC (Opportunities and Industrialization Center) for technical and vocational skills training but could not complete the course due to lack of support. Subsequently he started practicing the different skills he had learnt so far including tailoring. But later had an opportunity to further his education of which he attained all of the aforementioned qualifications.

In the field of education, for nine years (2002 – 2009), Hassan has served as a science school teacher and later as acting principal.

In the development field, Hassan served as Project Coordinator for ACS (Association for Community Survival) in the Northern District of Sierra Leone between 2009 – 2016. In this position, Hassan was the point of contact for communicating the project status to all stakeholders. He liaised with targeted communities to identify and define the project requirements, scope and objectives. He created and maintained comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports. Also helped the preparation of project budgets and analyzing risks and opportunities. He coordinated the project schedules, resources, equipment and monitored the project progress and handled issues arising during the project implementation for community needs to be met.

Hassan is also an experienced field data collector. He has participated in several surveys and census including PETS (Public Expenditure and Tracking Survey), FSMS (Food Security Monitoring Survey), SSN (Social Safety Net), the 2021 Cartographic Mapping, and the 2021 Mid-term Census.

Hassan has contributed immensely in several academic research (thesis) and has been on this till his appointment to serve as Administrative Officer for the CHESS project. He has a proven character of patience and obedience; tolerance; self-motivation and discipline. With this short profile of his, you may like to wish him and the CHESS project a success.