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CPI May, 2024 = 35.84% Y/Y | GDP Growth 2022 = 3.5% | Population (2021 Mid-Term Census) = 7,548,702 (Male = 3,727,747 (49%) Female = 3,820,955 (50.6%) | PPI 2022 - Q2 =20.33% Y/Y | PHC Projection 2022 (Medium Variant) = 8,494,260 | Population (National - 2015 Census) = 7,092,113

dsg andrew johnnyAndrew Bob Johnny was appointed as Deputy Statistician General (DSG) in September 2019.

Before his appointment as DSG, he has been Director of Censuses and GIS for a period of 15 years. During such time, Mr. Johnny contributed immensely to adding value to the 2004 and 2015 Population and Housing Censuses. Because of the immense role he played especially in the 2004 Population and Housing Census, he was awarded a scholarship by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to pursue his career in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in one of the most distinguished universities in Europe, International Institute of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) in 2004.

One year after his return, he was appointed Director of Censuses and GIS. During his tenure, he introduced spatial dimension in data collection at Statistics Sierra Leone. All divisions undertaking data collection, collected GPS locations of either households or other phenomenon for a spatial representation in the analytical and dissemination stage. He also facilitated various capacity building programmes both at Stats SL, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and other data producers.

Mr. Johnny has also acted in the capacity as Acting Statistician General on several occasions. At such times, he has added value to the governance structure at Stats SL. He succeeded in bringing all Directors together in focusing on the strategic goals of Stats SL.

He has projected the image of the institution to donors and other users and producers of statistics positively. He has made numerous international travels in achieving this. He was instrumental in the 2015 round of Population and Housing Censuses in Africa by attending various symposiums in 15 African countries. He has also represented our institution in several annual meetings of the Economic Statistics Division in New York in promoting international comparability in data collection.

His contribution in strengthening partnership with sister institutions cannot be overemphasized. He pioneered the technical input of Geographic Information Systems in the Boundary Delimitation process undertaken by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) leading to both the 2007 and 2015 Local, parliamentary and presidential elections. He has lead capacity building initiatives in GIS for the ministries of health, education to name a few. His contribution to developing a poverty map for our country is tremendous. Mr. Johnny has attended several workshops in Washington DC and Dakar on technical workshops in respect of developing poverty maps. On his return, he has impacted knowledge to other key staff as a capacity building venture.

In his current capacity as Deputy Statistician General, he is handling lots of operational issues and being strongly supported by the Statistician General, the Statistics Council and the entire management team in the dispensation of his duties.

After completing secondary school, Mr. Johnny pursued his university career in the University of Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College where he graduated with a degree in Geography. He has a postgraduate Master of Science degree in Geo-information Management from the Institute of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) in the Netherlands.