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Stats SL Alumni Association (StatSLAA)


1.0 Justification and Rational of StatSLAA

The government and development partners now demand for improved quality, reliable and timely statistical data needed to monitor progress towards the attainment of the SDGs and Poverty Reduction.
Stats SL, under the Statistics Act of 2002, is charged with the responsibility of coordinating compiling, analysing and disseminating official statistics for informed decision making by the government and development partners. In this regard, Stats SL developed a mission statement, which clearly spells out its vision and goals as stated below:

1.1 The Vision of Stats SL

The Vision of Stats SL is to create a viable National Statistical System (NSS) with Stats SL at the centre for the coordination, production, dissemination and accreditation of official statistics to support evidence-based decision-making processes at both policy and planning levels.

1.2 The Mission of the Stats SL

The mission of the Stats SL is to coordinate, collect, compile, analyse and disseminate high quality and best-practiced official statistics to assist informed decision-making, and discussion within the government, business and the media, as well as the wider national and international community.

1.3 Core Values of Stats SL

Our core values are to produce and disseminate high quality statistics that are:
Relevant: Our efforts will be directed to the best interest of the government and the wider statistical users’ community.
Have Integrity: Our statistical activities, data analysis, and interpretations is objective based only on sound statistical principles, practices, and highest professional standards in all aspects
Accessible: Out statistics are accessible by all through a range of affordable and high quality information products and services including web-based or cloud access.
With all of the above, it is very clear that for Stats SL to achieve its goals there has to be a concerted effort from relevant stake holders in the field of statistics.
The formation of StatSLAA is one of such avenues in which past and present technical staff of the institution can enrol as alumni with the aim of working assiduously towards the achievement of the goals of Stats SL. The composition of StatSLAA will include technical staff that left the institution as a result of frustration/ search for greener pasture, retirement, end of contract or for any other reason. Some of these persons may still be excited about Stat SL and may want to contribute to Stats SL. It will also include current technical staff of Stats SL with a certain level of academic qualification and professionalism.
With such a conglomerate of statistical professionals forming an alumni association, it is highly hoped that the association can provide guidance to Stats SL thus adding value to the statistics we produce at Stats SL.

2.0 Qualification for Membership

Membership will include former Statistician Generals, former Directors, former Senior Statisticians and former Statisticians. Both past and present Stats SL council Chairs will also be qualified for membership. Membership will also be opened to current Stats SL staff from statistician level upwards.
StatSLAA will also provide opportunity for associate membership.
To become an associate member, the personnel should hold at least a Master’s degree in the Social Sciences and must exhibit proof of statistical publications. University/college lecturers and other related officials will form the nucleus of the associate membership category.

3.0 How to Enrol as an Alumnus

Please complete the application form by clicking here

4.0 Registration Fee

Registration will attract a fee of Le --------------------- for Sierra Leoneans residing in Sierra Leone and US$-------------- for Sierra Leoneans residing outside Sierra Leone.
Payment could be made in the following accounts
-------------------------------------------------- for local payments and
-------------------------------------------------- for foreign payments

5.0 The Organizational/Operational Structure of StatSLAA

The Alumni will be operated through an executive body.
The following offices will be created and vied for:

i. President: Oversees all aspects of the association and serves as chairman of all official meetings
ii. Vice President: Assists president and overseas three functional chairmen below. Can also be utilized as chair-elect.
iii. Secretary General: Manages all secretariat work including the publication of the Association’s minutes.
iv. Financial Secretary/Treasurer: Manages finances and maintains association’s budget.
v. Chairman of Membership: Manages association’s database and membership recruitment activities.
vi. Chairman of Communication: Overseas communications plan of the Association (newsletters, email, social media, website, and others).
vii. Chairman of Events: Plans and executes association’s events.

6.0 StatSLAA as Formal Association

StatSLAA will operate as formal organization with officers, a set of objectives, subscriptions, and perhaps — though not necessarily — a constitution. Officers and members of StatSLAA will decide on the formality of the association including drafting a constitution if so approved by two-thirds majority of its register permanent members.

7.0 Networking: StatSLAA intends to collaborate with other sectors/ organizations such as universities, colleges, and other related bodies involved in data activities in presenting opportunities for the membership to gather and network socially and professionally.

8.0 Communications: StatSLAA intends to establish a platform for meaningful communication from both Alumni and associates. Communications strategy can include: monthly email updates, social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and an association website.

9.0 Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

The Association will develop its vision, mission and key strategic objectives. One of the key objectives is to establish a national association of statisticians.

For more information on StatSLAA please contact Stats-SL Communication and PR Unit on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.