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The Finance and Support Services Division (FD) is responsible for financial management arrangements for activities undertaken by Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats SL). FD does its work by supporting resource mobilization through liaising with GOSL and partners for funds, supporting budgets preparation for activities, control and report the use of such funds and facilitate review and audit of project and activities.


The finance division is responsible for the management of the Stats SL  finances for activities. The functions of Finance Division include;

  • Cash Management
  • Budget preparation
  • Settlement of Expenses
  • Control the use of financial resources
  • Report for the use of resources to various donors and government noting their varying reporting requirements and timing
  • Liaison with Auditors both internal and external
  • Liaison with MOF, AG and other donors for the release of funds
  • Coordinate the regional finance office activities


Finance Division is organised into units and regional offices:

  • Director’s Office
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Accounting Section
  • Management Accounts Section
  • Cash and Records Section
  • Regional Finance Offices

-  The Director is responsible for the daily management and organisation of the division.

-  Finance Manager (FM) provides supervision for the units. This position is currently manned by the Officer-In-Charge (OIC).

-  Financial Accounting Unit is responsible for the preparation and submission of financial statements for ALL activities.

-  Management Account Unit is responsible for budgeting, salaries and remittance for ALL activities.

-  Cash and Records Unit are responsible banking arrangements, cash, and archiving of vouchers and other financial records.

-  Regional finance offices are responsible for financial management at the regional office level.

Each unit is responsible for a separate set of functions which cannot be initiated and completed without the involvement of other functions.    There are adequate segregation of duties and controls over the conduct of finance functions such that financial transactions and reports are reviewed and approved by other senior staff the division and the organisation.


Financial management of activities and projects.

  • Liaison with Ministry Of Finance (MOF) for budgeting and remittance of other charges and Development funds.
  • Liaison with Ministry Of Finance for payment of Staff Salaries and other benefits.
  • Preparation and submission of financial and management accounts to users
  • Liaison with Auditor General’s department for Audit
  • Liaison with Internal Auditor for reviews including visit to the provinces
  • Liaison with UNFPA and other donor organisations for audit of projects Build financial management capacity of finance officers

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