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Last Updated:  Thursday, February 4, 2016


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Statistics Sierra Leone

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Statistical Publications

Latest Publicationsnew Year
Sierra Leone Labour Fource Survey Report 2014
Sierra Leone Labour Fource Survey Executive Summary 2014
Economic and Financial Survey 2014
Annual Economic Survey Report 2013
Annual Survey Report Of Quarrying Activities 2013
Balance of Payment Bulletin 2013
Business Confidence Index 2013
Charcoal Consumption Report 2013
Consumer Price Index Report 2013
Employment Survey Report 2013

Fiscal and Public Debt Statistical Bulletin

Foreign Trade Statistics Bulletin 2013
National Accounts Report 2013
NGOs Survey For National Accounts Compilation 2013
Producer Price Index Report 2013
Statistical Abstract 2001-2013 2013
Tourism Statistics Bulletin 2013
Transport Sector Statistics Bulletin 2013
Annual Statistical Digest 2007-2013
Demographic and Health Survey Report 2013
Demographic and Health Survey Key Findings 2013
Demographic and Health Survey Wall Chart 2013
Publication Year
Annual Survey Report of Quarrying Activities in Sierra Leone 2012
Report on Survey of Charcoal Businesses in Urban Centers of Sierra Leone 2012
Annual Economic Survey Report 2012
Employment Survey Report 2012
Report on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Survey for National Accounts Compilation 2012
Annual Report on Sierra Leone Business Confidence Index Survey 2012
Sierra Leone Consumer Price Index Report 2012
Sierra Leone National Accounts Report 2012
Tourism Statistics Bulletin 2012
Transport Sector Statistics Bulletin 2012
Publication Year
Transport Sector Statistics Bulletin 2011
Annual Economic Survey Report 2011
Sierra Leone Business Confidence Index Report 2011
Tourism Statistics Bulletin 2011
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Report 2011
Sand Extraction Survey Report 2011
Foreign Trade Statistics Bulletin 2011
Annual Economic Survey Report 2010
Publication Year
Foreign Trade Statistics Bulletin 2010 2010
Impact of Female Genital Mutilation on Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Practices of Women in Sierra Leone 2010
Population Profile of Bo District and Bo Town 2010
Population Profile of Bombali District and Makeni Town 2010
Population Profile of Sierra Leone 2010
Population Profile of Western Area Urban 2010
Sierra Leone Business Confidence Index Report 2010
Tourism Statistics Bulletin 2010
Publication Year

Tourism Statistics Bulletin

Transport Sector Statistics Bulletin 2009
Annual Economic Survey Report 2009 2009
Publication Year
Annual Economic Survey Report 2008 2008
Sierra Leone Demographic Health Survey Report 2008
Publication Year
Core Welfare Indicator Questionnaire 2007
Publication Year
Annual Statistical Digest 2005/2006 Edition
Sierra Leone Multi-Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS-3) 2005
Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey (SLIHS) 2003/04
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What we do

The mission of the Statistics Sierra Leone is to coordinate, collect, compile, analyze and disseminate high quality and objective official statistics to assist informed decision-making, and discussion within the government, business and the media, as well as the wider national and international community.  Our statistics will be relevant, have integrity and be easily accessible.


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