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Statistics Sierra Leone is the institution charged with the statutory mandate to collect, compile, analyse and disseminate data and is about to embark on mapping activities to update its current geographic frame to monitor National Development Programmes. In this regard, the institution is compiling a DATABASE of suitably qualified Sierra Leoneans who are interested to undertake these activities.


1.1       Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinate all pre-enumeration, enumeration and post-enumeration activities in the district.
  • Work in close collaboration with the District cartographic team.
  • Supervise the dispatch and receipt of all cartographic equipment, materials and instruments.
  • Support the implementation of the publicity plan.
  • Assist to prepare outreach and public engagement reports.
  • Any other duties assigned by the national office.

1.2       Educational Requirements

  • A degree from a recognized university in Logistics, Public Administration, IT, Geography and or any related social science.
  • Not less than TEN years relevant post qualification experience with a reputable institution.
  • Knowledge and competence in ICT applications.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.

2.0       TEAM LEADERS

2.1       Main Responsibilities

  • To organize fieldwork for the team.
  • To be responsible for Enumeration Area (EA) demarcation in the field.
  • To ensure that EA maps, field control forms and locality lists are completed as and when required;
  • To carry out Quality Control on all final copies of maps and field forms;
  • To report progress to the Field co-ordinators for the attention of the CGIS&E Division.
  • To ensure discipline amongst team members

2.2       Educational Requirements

  • A relevant Postgraduate degree preferably in CARTOGRAPHY GEOGRAPHY, DEMOGRAPHY OR GEOLOGY from a recognized university.
  • Must have at least FIVE years experience in statistical work preferably data collection and Geospatial mapping with a reputable institution.
  • Knowledge in the use of Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Knowledge in computer skills.
  • Knowledgeable in the use of Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) for data collection.


3.1       Main Responsibilities

  • Responsible for completing questionnaires on all localities: villages, sub-villages, streets, schools, health facilities, etc; using CAPI.
  • To produce final copies of EA maps for each chiefdom, constituency, section, ward, town, etc.
  • To complete field forms as required.
  • To update the locality lists as required.

3.2       Educational Requirements

  • A university degree preferably in CARTOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY, DEMOGRAPHY OR GEOLOGY from a recognized university.
  • Must have spent at least TWO years in statistical work preferably data collection.
  • Must have used a Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) program in data collection.


4.1       Main Responsibilities

  • Assist the Mapping Officer in completing questionnaires on all localities: villages, sub-villages, streets, schools, health facilities, etc; using CAPI.
  • To carry out household quick-counts and EA demarcation as required;
  • To complete field forms as and when required.
  • To be responsible for project equipment and materials under the team's custody.
  • To carry out any other duties as required by the Team Leader.

4.2       Educational Requirements

  • Minimum education should be Higher Teachers Certificate (HTC) OR National Diploma.
  • Must have participated in field data collection.


A ONE (1) PAGE computerized copy of your LETTER OF INTEREST (LOI) with relevant information to include the following:





Please do not include any attachment with the letter to be addressed to the Senior Human Resource Officer, Stats SL, A.J Momoh Street Tower Hill Freetown and must reach the District Statistician in your district of residence on or before 27th July 2020.

NOTE: Applicants should apply in their district of residence.

All positions applied for should be written at the top right-hand corner of the envelope.