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Stats SL which is the implementing partner and  the National Commission for Social Action(NaCSA) have at a meeting  on Tuesday 25th February 2020, at the NaCSA headquarters on Charlotte street in Freetown, signed  a partnership Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of the Social Protection Registry for Integrated National Targeting, Associated Access and Impact Evaluation of the Social Safety Net (SPRINT), which serves to identify, prioritize and select households living in poverty and vulnerable conditions so as to help the government to take effective actions that will reduce the structural factors affecting poverty and social exclusion in those communities

In his statement at the signing of the MOU, The commissioner of NaCSA, Abu Bockarie Kokofele said that this day is historic as lots of hard work has gone into putting together the MOU that establishes what Stats SL’s role as implementing partner will be and that of NaCSA as a contracting agency. He said that Stats SL will specifically implement the Social Protection Registry for Integrated National Targeting(SPRINT) which has 3 stages. Stage 1 he says will be geographical targeting which will be a transparent criterion for the selection of regions, districts, chiefdoms, wards, localities, or other relevant geographical units and corresponding resource allocation mechanisms. Stage 2 will be community identification of potentially eligible beneficiaries and  the final stage will be verification by Proxy Means Testing (PMT) or a variation thereof. He, therefore, urged the implementing partner to give it their all to get the work done stating that he very much values and holds into high esteem, the professionalism that Stats SL has

The Statistician-General and CEO of Stats SL,Prof Osman Sankoh(Mallam O), said that they at Stats SL feel privileged to be implementing partners for the establishment of the Social Protection Register. He intimated all present that Stats SL certainly has the requisite expertise to do the job.

 He explained that Stage 1 and 2 of the targeting process require existing statistical data to produce poverty maps of the country via the recent Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey data at the lowest geographical level available i.e. locality or enumeration area, including geographical data to locate potential beneficiary communities via locality names, GPS coordinates and shapefiles, whiles Stage 3 of the targeting process involves the use of a pre-defined questionnaire to collect data from the potential beneficiary households. The questionnaire collects information that is statistically highly correlated with poverty i.e. household demographics, housing conditions, and assets, and other identifying information like a unique identifier.

He concluded by saying that Stats SL will, therefore, be responsible for collecting and processing Proxy Means Testing data from all potential beneficiary households using computer-assisted personal interview which is data collection via the use of tablets

The signing of the bilateral MOU by the Commissioner of NaCSA, Abu Bockarie Kokofele and the Statistician-General Of Stats SL, Prof Osman Sankoh climaxed the meeting