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CPI June, 2024 = 31.93% Y/Y | GDP Growth 2023 = 5.7%....Level of GDP Rebased 56.4% in 2018 | Population (2021 Mid-Term Census) = 7,548,702 (Male = 3,727,747 (49%) Female = 3,820,955 (50.6%) | PPI 2022 - Q2 =20.33% Y/Y | PHC Projection 2022 (Medium Variant) = 8,494,260 | Population (National - 2015 Census) = 7,092,113


This contract is made between you and STATISTICS SIERRA LEONE (STATS SL) (an individual or a legal entity that you are authorized to represent). By using the content on the websites covered by this license, you agree to the conditions listed below.


For the purpose of this license:

"Information" means any data files, graphs, maps and text for which STATS SL is the owner or a licensee of all intellectual property rights.

Value-added products” means any products you have produced by adapting or incorporating the data in whole or in part.

License Grant

As long as you abide by the terms of this license, STATS SL hereby grants you (as an individual or a legal entity that you are authorized to represent) a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to copy, modify, translate, publish, adapt, distribute, create derivative works from, and otherwise use the data for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Acknowledgement of source

You shall include and maintain the following notice on all licensed rights of the data and where possible provide a link to this license.

Source: STATISTICS SIERRA LEONE. Contains information licensed under : STATISTICS SIERRA LEONE’s Open License Agreement.

You shall include and maintain the following notice for all value-added products.

This product was adapted from the : STATISTICS SIERRA LEONE’s information, which is licensed under the  STATISTICS SIERRA LEONE’s Open License Agreement.


The license granted herein shall not apply to any data, software, or source code of any third party and shall only apply to STATS SL data. All downloaded data from other parties must adhere to independent license conditions specified by the third party.

 Intellectual Property Rights

Any intellectual property rights in the data that STATS SL may have will continue to be STATS SL's property, and any intellectual property rights in the data that third parties may hold will continue to belong to those third parties. Any and all intellectual property rights recognized by law that are associated with value-added


If you violate any of the conditions of the licensing agreement, this agreement will immediately expire as of the day and time you access the material.


This license does not grant you the right to use the data in a way that suggests an official status or endorsement of you or your use of the data.


Data are made available “as is” without warranty of any kind, including the implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The STATS SL will not be held responsible for damages resulting from its use or interpretation, including any consequential damages, punitive damages, direct or indirect damages or loss of profits.

Applicable Law

The agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of SIERRA LEONE.