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The Mid-Term Population and Housing Census (MTPHC) will be a total count of the population in-between two primary censuses; taking into consideration that a national census was conducted in 2015 and the next primary census is due in 2025.

The statistical indicators derived from the Mid-Term Population and housing Census will show progress made and challenges to be addressed in the overall development of the country since the last census in 2015.

The mid-term census will generate credible population and housing data midway between census in 2015 and the census of 2025 to address any identified challenges of the census in 2015 and rehearse for the census in 2025. The exercise will also help the country to update base maps and delineate enumeration areas.

The advantages will include the acquisition of credible population and housing data for Sierra Leone covering all Enumeration areas and locality types. It will also help to updated base maps of Sierra Leone providing a credible sampling frame for intra-censual activities.

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