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Stats SL Proactive Disclosure Team

  1. Prof. Osman Sankoh – Statistician General
  2. Andrew Bob Johnny – Deputy Statistician General
  3. Yeabu Tholley – Officer-In-Chief, Data Science Division
  4. Francis Tommy – Director, National Statistical System Division
  5. Sonnia-Magba Bu-Buakei Jabbi – Director, Demographic, Health and Social Statistics Division
  6. Clementina I. Akran – (Team lead) -   Head, OpenData / Data Revolution, Data Science Division
  7. Olive Odia – Senior Website/Portal Officer, Communications and Public Relations Division
  8. Sallieu Mansaray – SDG Focal person, National Statistical System Division
  9. Agnes Marie-Joy Bangura- Human Resources Officer, Finance and Support Services Division
  10. Silleh Bah – Principal Statistician, Censuses and Geographic Information Systems Division
  11. Adama Koroma – IT Officer, Bo District
  12. Mohamed Lamin Mansaray – Librarian, Resource Centre, Communications and Public Relations Division
  13. Rosamond Sannoh – Statistician General’s Secretary
  14. Sylvester Kpulun – Senior Programmer, Data Science Division
  15. Zainab Barrie – Assistant Statistician, National Statistical System Division
  16. Annie Lapia – Assistant Statistician, Monitoring, Evaluation and Training