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Stats SL - Proactive Disclosure/Publication Scheme

According to the RAIC Act (RAIA) 2013 “Being an Act to provide for the disclosure of information held by public authorities or by persons providing services for them and to provide for other related matters” requiring all public authorities (MDAs, CSOs and Non State Actors) to make information available to the public by developing a Model Publication Scheme to be submitted to RAIC on or before the 1st of March 2019 for approval.

The publication Scheme explains what information Stats SL makes routinely available and how it can be accessed. This Scheme is designed to signpost individuals to information we proactively release as and when it becomes available. The Publication Scheme contains twenty-two (22) classes of information, and information falling into each of these classes is published on our website, bill boards etc.

Stats SL publications, metadata and microdata, etc. are proactively released and made available free of charge on our website.  Bulletins, press releases, bill boards and community meetings are held to sensitise the public through our district offices. In some cases where charges may apply, the information is provided on our website. For instance, we sell GIS maps and Shapefiles to the public.

Functions of Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats SL)

Statistics Sierra Leone is the central authority for the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of accurate, clear, relevant, timely and high quality statistical information on social, health, demographic, economic and financial activities to serve the needs of users including government and the general public.