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CPI April, 2024 = 38.06% Y/Y | GDP Growth 2022 = 3.5% | Population (2021 Mid-Term Census) = 7,548,702 (Male = 3,727,747 (49%) Female = 3,820,955 (50.6%) | PPI 2022 - Q2 =20.33% Y/Y | PHC Projection 2022 (Medium Variant) = 8,494,260 | Population (National - 2015 Census) = 7,092,113

Director BrimaAbdulai Salia Brima took up the job as Director of Censuses and Geographic Information Systems in September 2019. Until his appointment by the Statistics Council of Sierra Leone, Abdulai was the Head of Department of Economics and Commerce, Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone where he had lectured for 10years. He has a wealth of experience in field data collection, analysis and policy formulation. He was a member of the research team in the design, conduct and analysis of Bridging the Gap Project (2015): Examining Disability and Development in Sierra Leone: a Poverty Alleviation call.

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Finda SheriffFinda Sheriff until her redeployment to the census and cartographic Information System Division (C/GISD) as an officer in charge and senior cartographic officer . was an Acting Head of the section in the National Statistical System Division (NSSD) and had worked as Assistant GIS Officer in the Censuses and GIS Division. Upon her appointment as Assistant GIS Officer at Statistics Sierra Leone in January 2016, she worked as contract staff at the Statistics Sierra Leone, C/GIS Division with the key responsibility of digitizing EA- Maps for the 2015 population and Housing Census.

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Juana SaawahJuana V. Saawah is currently a statistician in the division of Census & Geographic Information System (C&GIS)He holds a Master’s degree in Rural Development Studies from Njala University and a Bachelor degree in B.Sc. (Hons) Environmental Sciences majoring in Environment and Development studies. He is a new employee in statistics Sierra Leone office with several years of experience in program/project design and planning which have built his competencies in strategic implementation, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of community development support projects and advocacy campaign coordination programs.

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Patrick KantyPatrick Fayia Kanty graduated with a BSc General Degree in 2018 from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone (USL). He served as a Teacher at the Future Leader Junior Secondary School, Freetown from 2016-2017. Kanty joined the Statistics Family in October 2019 as an Assistant Statistician assigned to the Census and Geographic Information System Division, Kambia District. He has taken part in dozens of surveys involving some of which he served as an Enumerator. Kanty believes in strong partnership in the data systems ranging from data generators, data users, promoting utilization to that of data enhancing/visualisation. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE.

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Director Brima                   Abdulai S.  Brima

Director, Censuses and Geographic Information Systems

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